Taroom Show a big success

Rabobank’s Michael Fletcher, Rockhampton with Terri Boyce, Taroom.

By Fiona Gowers

Record attendance, strong competition through all agricultural classes and fine weather underpinned the success of the Taroom Show in 2022.

“It was exceptionally successful,” said Taroom Show Society president Christie McLennan of the two-day event held on May 2 and 3.

One of the oldest running agricultural shows in Queensland, Taroom this year gained from nearby towns’ misfortune.

When Theodore cancelled its show due to damage to its main pavilion, a Facebook poll determined whether to move the town’s public holiday to the Biloela or Taroom show date.

The latter won hands-down and Ms McLennan said this result, combined with Wandoan having to cancel due to covid-related issues, boosted patron and competitor numbers.

She said the horse classes boasted record entries, including 35 in kids’ pony classes, more than 30 stock horses and show jumpers from Victoria and NSW.

A brand new prime cattle facility saw 260-head through and 149 stud cattle entries, which without a feature breed, Ms McLennan said was “amazing”.

She added that the RaboTruck – a multipurpose vehicle designed for sharing knowledge and building networks – added a “very professional” edge to the on-stage element.

The show society used the stage to present the Taroom Showgirl and Rural Ambassador awards.

And, the Taroom Kindergarten Association used the truck’s kitchen to provide catering during the show and raise funds for the community organisation.

“The kinder was very happy with the money they made,” Ms McLennan said.

Meanwhile, Rabobank senior protein analyst Angus Gidley-Baird led a discussion at the show on the outlook for the beef sector.

Hosted at the RaboTruck, the discussion provided local beef producers with an opportunity to gain insights into local and global markets.