Hot wash heros

Aussie Admiral heavy duty steam cleaner is ideal for pre-service cleaning of trucks and farm gear in high volume wash bays. Pictures Contributed.

Cleaning oily and greasy farm gear with hot water and steam offers huge advantages over cold water cleaning. It’s more efficient, cutting cleaning times by up to 75 per cent uses less water and reduces the need for cleaning chemicals.

For service technicians it is not only faster, but helps to identify hydraulic leaks prior to maintenance, facilitating less equipment downtime and reduced service times.

For livestock producers hot water and steam can deliver a more hygienic clean, killing bacteria and germs. This makes it an ideal option for cleaning in dairies, piggeries and chicken sheds.

Aussie Pumps offers a range of hot wash machines and steam cleaners that are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

“When we set out to sell hot water and steam pressure cleaners in Australia, we knew that the standard European machines did not measure up to the local conditions,” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer John Hales. “Reliability is vital, especially in remote areas where the breakdown of the steam cleaner can mean the machine is out of action for weeks,” he said.

Aussie Pumps set out to design in key features into their hot wash machines that gave users advantages they felt were essential, without including over complicated components with the potential to fail.

All of Aussie’s electric drive hot water machines come with four pole motors and slow speed heavy duty European triplex pumps. They provide a longer and trouble free life. The range includes both single and three phase options with pressures from 1,800 psi all the way up to 4,000 psi.

They also come with stainless steel covers, replacing the traditional European style polypropylene cover, a steel chassis, and four wheels, not castors, for ease of movement on uneven surfaces.

Aussie’s machines are streets ahead of imports. They feature a wide range of protection devices that are aimed at providing the maximum convenience for the operator. These include Timed Total Stop, Auto Shut-down, Micro-leak Detection, and Low Fuel sensor with warning light.

“Aussie’s steam cleaners are as tough on the inside as they look from the outside but still outstanding value,” said Hales.


The Aussie Sizzler represents a price breakthrough, but without compromising quality.

The hot wash delivers 1800 psi pressure with a flow of 10 lpm. With a maximum temperature of 80°C, the machine has proven popular for cleaning farm equipment and dairy washdown.

The Sizzler comes in a stainless steel cover over a four wheel trolley. The secret of the machine’s success is what is under the cover.

It comes with a top quality slow speed first world heavy duty triplex pump with solid ceramic pistons. It is driven by a four pole 1450 rpm electric motor and equipped with loads of safety protection gadgets.

The diesel fired burner has been set to produce hot water to a maximum of 80°C.

“Experience has taught us that running a hot wash at this temperature is both fuel efficient and delivers great cleaning results,” said Hales


Aussie’s Admiral 4000 steam cleaner. It is a 4,000 psi steam cleaner with increased capability but with the advantage of using less water consumption.

The Admiral can save time, water and electricity in the cleaning process. The 4,000 psi capability with flows to 15 lpm, means it can move caked on debris fast, delivering huge time savings. It’s the combination of steam (up to 130°C), 4,000 psi pressure and huge flow, that get the jobs done faster.

The operator has the ability to vary both pressure and heat from the control panel to optimize performance and cleaning efficiency.

This heavy duty machine is ideal for busy transport hubs and high volume wash bays where the machine will be used for most of the day.


Yes, we can even supply Honda engine drive, portable 4,000 psi hot wash machines delivering steam up to 130°C and it’s called the Aussie Heatwave.

The 13HP electric start Honda engine drives a heavy duty triplex pump with solid ceramic pistons and top quality seals for a long trouble free life.

The Heatwave features a 12 volt ignition system and a diesel fired burner. The heating system enables the operator to go from using cold to hot water with the flick of a button. The operational temperature of the water delivered can be dialled up from ambient to 130°C.

The unit is built into a compact stainless steel frame with four steel wheels with rubber tyres. This means it can be used as a mobile wash unit for landscapers and maintenance contractors.

Alternatively, it can be hard mounted on a ute, truck or trailer together with a 300 or 400 litre water tank to become a self-contained mobile high pressure on-site cleaning system.

For further information on the Aussie Pump range of hot wash and steam cleaners contact your nearest Aussie Gold Distributor or check out the Aussie Pump website (