New era of beef genetics

Kate and Nick Boshammer, NB Genetics with Matt Aikenhead and Jared Wareham from ABS. Pictures Contributed.

While having a slightly different approach to traditional beef cattle breeding, Chinchilla farmers Nick and Kate Boshammer are the first graziers to incorporate “NuEra“ genetics into Australia.

Their goal is to aid Australian cattle producers in increasing their herd’s overall growth, feed efficiency and carcass qualities through these new genetics.

The pair runs an NB Genetics commercial Angus operation on the Western Downs, that focuses on providing maximum value to their clients who seek to produce efficient cattle that excel in commercial conditions.

NB Genetics and ABS established a relationship in 2023, which led to NB Genetics implanting NuEra T14-male sexed embryos into recipient cows, straight from the ABS research and development facility in Wisconsin, USA in May.

After decades of research, NuEra genetics was created to improve profitability through precise genetic selection.

NuEra T14 is an Angus hybrid designed as an ideal terminal solution that maximises productivity, efficiency and sustainability while complementing the highly maternal cow.

Upon establishing their relationship, NB Genetics and ABS acknowledged their shared vision with supporting beef producers by assisting them in navigating industry challenges, including production costs and the increasing level of accountability.

Nick said people often talk about utilising technology and advanced animal breeding to address the challenges.

“Allowing our clients to stay focused on producing high-quality beef, in the most efficient way possible is our goal,“ he said.

NB Genetics is excited about its newly formed partnership with ABS and thinks the opportunity presented is a way to connect Australian beef producers directly to the newest genetics and technology on the market.

“What this does for NB Genetics, is that it opens us up to a genetic pool without any limitations, to focus on what’s really important in terminal feeder cattle – growth, efficiency, and meat quality,” Nick said.

Kate said the best way to help not only help their clients but the industry as a whole, would be to bring cattle producers new technology and show them the results on their own cattle.

“Joining forces with ABS allows us to supply these genetics directly to producers, and the NuEra bulls represent the newest and most advanced herd sires on the market,“ she said.

“When ABS approached us with the concepts and ideas around this genetic line, it immediately caught our attention.

“ABS’ genetic technology and expertise is so far advanced, as a seedstock producer we would never be able to match the genetic advancements they are making.”

ABS NuEra business development officer Jared Wareham said the chemistry and alignment between NB Genetics and ABS was very strong from the start.

“We sensed right away the level of enthusiasm Nick and Kate had about bringing NuEra to Australia,“ he said.

“It wasn’t hard to see and feel the complementarity.

“What we feel is important to the partnership is being passionate about delivering the best solutions to commercial producers as they endeavour to raise a calf crop and secure the property for the next generation while making better beef.

“It’s about not being bound up by a specific breed or philosophy, just focusing on what’s the best path forward and what the right combination of people, science and vision can achieve.”