Sizzling at Beef

Signature Beef organiser Greta Stonier with owners Josie and Blair Angus. Picture: BREANNA LLOYD.

The Angus Pastoral Company has sizzled their mark on Beef2024 after reconnecting with Beef Australia after developing its new ‘signature restaurant brand’ Signature Beef.

The restaurant supplied guests with quality Angus Pastoral Company meat processed through their on-farm abattoir, Signature On Farm.

Run by 40 staff, mostly Angus Pastoral Company employees, the ‘beef house’ partnered with celebrity chef Shane Bailey and his team of helpers.

Sourcing the meat from their four Queensland properties, business owner and former Beef Australia vice chair Blair Angus and his wife Josie said they wanted to give back to the agricultural community.

“My family and I have been involved with Beef Australia and the agricultural industry for a long time,” Mr Angus said.

“We focus on breeding animals that will satisfy our customers with consistency.

“Our young staff get to enjoy every aspect of the business whether it’s food production, branding calves or fencing, the list is endless.”

Owning 400,000 acres of land across the state on their four properties Chesterfield, Sondella and Kimberley Red, located near Clermont, and Carpentaria Downs in northern Queensland, the operation runs 42,000 Angus and Belmont Reds.

The business exports its meat domestically and internationally and has recently received its accreditation to export to Europe.

Killing 320 head per week, Blair said he and his wife take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

“A lot of our aims is to give more opportunities to young people, there are a lot of different categories in the agricultural sector because it is so diverse,” he said.

“It’s astonishing to know that we have been able to experience both ends of the spectrum, one being where the meat comes from and how you develop the beast to then serve it to the consumer.

“That is why we decided to do Signature Beef, to give consumers the full paddock-to-plate experience.”

Being a fourth-generation cattleman, Blair, Josie and their family of four, David, Madelaine, Lauren and John, all contributed to the restaurant.

The family took pieces of their home and life to display throughout the marquee including old photographs, horns, hats and hat racks and a video of their experience on the property through a TV.

Serving grain and long-fed beef, organiser Greta Stonier said they began planning for the event at the beginning of the year.

“As we are all ringers, none of us have experience with hospitality, so we have had to bring what we know about beef and try as best we can to provide quality customer service,” she said.

“It has been fun, but it has also been stressful at times, especially on Monday when we had an influx of customers come in.

“A few extra hands would be helpful, but we have a great understanding of the beef industry so it’s just a matter of satisfying our guests.”

Originally from Sydney, Greta began working with the Angus Pastoral Company at the beginning of 2023 as part of their graduation program.

Now working as a part of their sales and marketing team, Greta said her favourite part of the experience is seeing everything come together.

“To begin with everything was slow and steady, and now to see all of the people and how everything is set up, it looks perfect,” she said.