Take tax advantage

Aussie’s Jetter was designed by plumbers for plumbers. Pictures Supplied.

With farmers focused on maximising yields and harvesting at this busy time, it’s easy for the end of financial year to creep up unnoticed.

Aussie Pumps would like to alert farmers and small business owners to the Government’s Instant Asset Write-off support which finishes on 30 June 2024.


Aussie Pumps is urging business owners to consult with their tax agent to determine if they are eligible.

Companies with a turnover of less than $10 million can get the benefit of instantly writing off assets worth individually up to $20,000.

The benefits are enormous!

Farmers need to understand that now is the time to buy and take advantage of these tax incentives.

Aussie Pump’s Finance Manager, Brian Cocker says “No-one wants to pay more tax than they have to, and the current Instant Asset Write-off for small businesses is set to end 30 June 2024,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries has come up with a series of great ideas which will appeal to farmers, businesses, and tradespeople.


Australian Pump Industries is focused on meeting market needs through research and user feedback.

They design products to be more efficient, ultra-reliable and last a lifetime.

The inspiration is the feedback from a wide range of customers who use their products.

Aussie’s preoccupation is self-priming centrifugal pumps and high-pressure water blasters.

The range they have developed over the last 30 years is the most complete and versatile in the industry!


When surveyed about their requirements for a portable fire pump, farmers stated that reliability and performance was key.

That resulted in the development of what is today regarded as being the best range of self-priming centrifugal lightweight portable fire pumps in the world.

The range starts with the Aussie QP1, a 1” UItralite that weighs in at only five kilos and makes a handy utility pump.

This small but mighty unit will deliver up to 120 lpm in flow and a maximum head of 40 metres.

That is not bad considering it also self-primes from 7.6 metres.

The flagship of the fire pump range is of course the Aussie Fire Chief powered by a Honda 5.5 HP petrol engine.

Due to its ‘no compromise’ design, this lightweight portable fire pump delivers 25 per cent more performance than competitors, with heads as high as 75 metres and flows to a maximum of 450 lpm.

For more demanding applications Aussie offer twin impeller pumps, with ports up to four”, powered by Honda 13 HP engines.

With flows to 770 lpm and heads to 95 metres these pumps can run multiple sprinklers for fire protection or irrigation.


Water management on farms often means moving large volumes between dams or tanks to maximise storage or relocate resources.

That’s where Aussie QP Drought Buster range of water transfer pumps come into their own.

The company offers a range of self priming transfer pumps from 2” (QP-2) to 6” (QP602) with maximum flows as high as 2,900 lpm (litres per minute!).

The self priming capability they offer, with vertical lifts up to 8.2m, means the pumps are fast to set up and simple to use.

“We found at field days that some farmers weren’t even aware that these big pumps were available,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.

The diesel version of the QP602 pump is powered by a 10 HP Yanmar electric start air cooled diesel engine.

An optional 18 litre fuel tank enables the unit to run without refuelling for up to 8 hours when running at 3,000 rpm continuous engine speed.


Australian Pump Industries has done a huge amount of research and development for quite unique engine and electric drive pressure cleaners.

Conceived, designed, and built in Australia in Sydney’s Norwest business district, the machines offer features that are significantly upgraded from imports from Europe or third world countries.

“Again, it is the contact with users that drives our pressure washer innovation” Hales said.

The big breakthrough was the company’s unique “Scud” frame design.

Built in stainless steel, these ergonomic designed frames house either Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engine drive heavy duty pressure cleaners.

They are suitable for a wide range of tasks from dairy washdown to contract cleaning, local government work or trades like concreting, brick cleaning and of course plant washdown for those in the earthmoving or quarry industries.

The Scud’s unique design is its curved sculpted frame.

There are no sharp edges and are fitted with big 13” steel wheels with flat free tyres, which makes the machines manoeuvrable.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini pump, gearbox drive running at slow speed (1450 rpm).

They are designed for a long and trouble-free life.

The latest introduction of the Scud is a high flow version suitable for big truck washdown or even for that matter, moving livestock effluent from dairies, piggeries and similar applications.


Aussie’s range of drain cleaning Jetters is another example of industry consultation driving design.

Designed by plumbers for plumbers, these Jetters use high pressure water to clear drains or pipework fast.

Safer than conventional drain cleaning devices, the debris from the blockage is simply flushed away leaving a clean work site and clear pipes.

These are a great investment for anyone clearing out pipework, and buying before the 30 June could mean the asset can be instantly depreciated!


Aussie has got a wide network of distributors operating in the region.

Our Dealer contacts are located on our website aussiepumps.com.au or you can contact us on (02) 8865 3500 and we will put you in touch with the right dealer for your application.