The best breed around

Pasture raised with little additional feed assistance.

The annual ‘AAA Speckle Park Bull, Female, and Genetics Sale’ is set to kick off with an open day to inspect the cattle up for auction on Friday 7 June between 9am-3pm at Ivyhome, Haly Creek.

The second annual sale, conducted by Elders in conjunction with Livestock Sales, will commence on Saturday 8 June at 11am.

AAA Speckle Park owner Denis Roberts said they have bulls, females and genetic packages.

“One of the biggest points of difference for my herd is rather than selling cattle that are grain fed, which can lead to fertility and other issues, we prefer to do things differently,“ Mr Roberts said.

“We focus on regenerated farming.“

Having had the sale bulls on millet for the last eight weeks, Mr Roberts said they have also bred larger bulls that are one to two frames larger.

“We did this for better compatibility when hybrid breeding, such as with a taller breed like a Brangus,“ he said.

“My point of difference is that I try and select genetics that have a larger frame than a typical Speckle Park.“

To ensure his herd maintain their high caliber marbling that Speckle Park are known for, Mr Roberts said he keeps the best of moderate breeds due to their softer frames.

“The Speckle Park cattle are noted for their quality of meat, specifically they have a high marbling meat in the carcass and have a unique sweet flavour in the meat,” he said.

Mr Roberts continued to explain the Speckle Park cattle have a higher yield of around 62-63 per cent.

This is a massive draw for commercial buyers, as well as for breeders, as even while hybrid breeding, the benefits can be between 10-15 per cent while still maintaining a higher yield.

Carefully preparing for the sale, Mr Roberts ensured all beasts will be vet checked and will have their vet certificate upon the sale date.

The vet checks also include checking that the females have normal reproductive tract and palpation and the bulls are semen tested.

“Our bulls are usually very early maturing and super fertile,” Mr Roberts said.

Stud season has only just started, however with the weather at the moment the market is looking positive.

Information and pictures of the cattle are available at

Call Denis Roberts on 0423 868 351 for more details about the open and sale days.