Grizzly off the grid no more

The sun sets over the Grizzly FarmFest site in Toowoomba in June.

By Fiona Gowers

Grizzly Off The Grid was established two years ago when a client of Brad and Georgia Densely suffered significant storm damage and required a back-up generator while power was restored.

Unable to source a generator locally, the Densleys went to Brisbane where they met an independent manufacturer selling quality products that suited their application.

From there, the concept of Grizzly Off The Grid was created.

A Toowoomba-based power and distribution business, it specialises in diesel generators, fuel cells, distribution equipment and renewable power solutions, specifically off-grid solar.

“Grizzly Off The Grid was established to fill a market void for the Darling Downs and western Queensland markets,” managing director Georgia Densley said.

“We understood that customers wanted quality generators that came with support. We are a small family-owned business that takes pride in our products.

“And, all of our staff are tradesmen, be it electricians, mechanical fitters or diesel mechanics.

“We have the expertise in-house to ensure our customers’ needs are met and that our after- sales support always hits the mark.”

For more than 20 years in Toowoomba, the Densleys have been rural/industrial-based electrical contractors, specialising in industrial electrical and automatic pedestrian doors for businesses.

They have attracted a variety of customers covering south east, western and central Queensland and northern NSW.

According to the Densleys, the key to both the growth of their business and loyalty of their customers is trust.

Brad is a licensed electrician with more than 30 years of trade experience.

“And our Grizzly team and trade-qualified staff offer genuine 24-7 support to regional businesses that would otherwise have to rely on costly, time-consuming support from Brisbane,” Mrs Densley said.

Over time, the Densleys have been asked to expand their service offering as customers seek to “de-risk” their businesses with a local, reliable and responsive business.

“One of the most common add-on services requested was back up power,” Mrs Densley said.

“From generators to solar/battery hybrid systems, the demand for a local back up power supplier with 24-7 support eventually became too great to ignore.”

Step one was to partner with a wholesaler who had access to the “right solutions at the right price” and understood the specific demands of regional customers.

After months of research, the Grizzly team secured distribution rights for several specialist power brands including Aston Electric, Fuchtardt, SUMO Plug N Play and Grizzly Bulk Diesel.

The Grizzly team recently displayed its equipment at FarmFest in Toowoomba and Ag-Grow in Emerald.

“The feedback from both shows has blown us away,” Mrs Densley said.

“We decided to invest in a large display at the field days and make sure we had our full range of generators, fuel tanks, distribution gear and off grid solutions for people to touch and feel.

“In the end, we left with more than 50 enquiries for generators and power equipment.”

Mr Densley said Grizzly received significant interest from many sectors about the Fuchtardt Future Fuels range, which is designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

“We have a strong view on the future of energy,” he said.

“Stage one involves optimised diesel, where we make use of our technical experience and engine independence to size generators perfectly and use the most fuel efficient engine available on the market.

“Stage two, which we call our purple patch, includes a range of solar/battery/diesel-hybrid options aimed at introducing as much renewable energy to a site as possible.

“Our view on the end game is hydrogen.

“While we feel a competitive hydrogen solution may be five to seven years off, we are staying across developments in this space to ensure we are at the forefront of this technology as it becomes available.”

The Grizzly Off The Grid showroom is located at 10 Eyers Street, Toowoomba.

Learn more at or call our trade qualified team on 1300 415 333 and Brad on 0427 971 470.

*** FACT FILE ***

* Our tier 1 range, Aston Electric silenced diesel generators are fully-Japanese built units designed for Australia’s harsh conditions. They range from 13KVA to 610KVA.

These generators are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The compact, high-end units make them a serious unit for fleet owners, construction, mining or industrial buyers.

* Our tier 2 range, Fuchtardt, uses quality Japanese engines from reputable manufacturers. These units are designed for standby applications, they range from 10KVA single phase or 3 phase through to 1650KVA.

* We have a generator to suit every application and have the expertise to size them according to customer specifications. We carry a large range of stock in our Toowoomba warehouse at 10 Eyers Street, Toowoomba and encourage clients to come and see these high-end units.

* We supply and install quality steel self-bunded and baffled portable and stationary bulk diesel storage ranging from 1000L – 6000L cubes through to 75,000L containerised tanks.

* We also have a variety of pumping options and fuel management systems.

* To further complement our generator and diesel storage options, we are proud to showcase our SUMO plug and play range of power distribution.

* These stackable units are a game changer, in both 32a and 63a options, these distribution boards can be configured to suit any and all applications.